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If you’ve been to any quaint Mexican town, chances are that you’ve come face to face with a street-side Taquero, or Taco Man, grilling up meats and vegetables on the plancha and serving up the freshest, most flavorful tacos.

There is no arguing that this facet of Mexican cuisine and culture is one of the most romanticized and sought-after experiences for anyone who has been fortunate enough to indulge in it.

What if you could bring the flavor and charm of the beloved Mexican taco stand – and even the taco stand itself – into a full-service restaurant setting? What if you could preserve the tradition and authenticity of the foods and recipes, but present them in a modern setting that fits our lifestyle and how we live and eat today? What if you could have someone familiar with the original experience execute it with the utmost quality and finesse, in an intriguing and comfortable setting?

The answer is Descanso Mexican Restaurant.

Book Your Dining Experience Today... 714.486.3798 // www.descansorestaurant.com  

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